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Dickson & Fraser is a family-owned auto mechanic shop in Duncan, BC. Since 1957, we have been providing full automotive mechanic services in the Cowichan Valley.

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Mechanical Services

Oil Change

Changing your car’s engine oil is arguably the most important yet straightforward aspect of vehicle maintenance. We offer synthetic blend and full synthetic oil change services that are factory recommended based on your vehicle’s make and model. Ask our team about our warranty-approved oil changes. 

Exhaust & Mufflers

Your vehicle produces toxic fumes. The exhaust system is put in place to prevent harmful substances from entering the cabin while also reducing the amount of pollution your vehicle releases into the air. If your car is making more noise than usual, it’s likely your exhaust is malfunctioning and should be inspected. 


We all know the importance of our vehicle’s brakes. Functional brakes are not only vital to the safety of you and your passengers but also to the performance of your car. To prevent costly brake repairs or malfunctioning brakes, we recommend an annual service of your brake parts. Listen for a squealing sound as this might indicate worn brakes or caliper issues. Come visit our team for an inspection any time you hear an odd sound or any other irregularities in your vehicle’s performance.

Warranty Approved

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle? Did you know new car warranties are always protected by our services!

Save money by skipping the new vehicle maintenance package at the dealership and have your regular vehicle maintenance completed at Dickson + Fraser.

Suspension & Steering

Everybody wants a safe & comfortable ride, right? Our team of experts will properly inspect all the component’s of your cars steering and suspension system to ensure they are functioning properly. Power steering will provide you with the ease to maneuver quickly when needed. The suspension works to absorb any bumps or sudden stops along the way. A couple things you want to check for would be shock leaks, uneven tire wear and topping up your power steering fluid. If you need help, visit Dickson & Fraser for a thorough inspection.


We have all been there. Your battery is dead and you need a boost. More than ever, it’s crucial to have the right voltage running through your vehicle. Your battery is the power source for several different systems throughout your car. A regular battery check with every oil change will go a long way to prevent headaches and unnecessary repairs. We stock high-quality name-brand interstate batteries for several makes and models. Ask our team about our battery inspections & together we will make sure you never have a dead battery again!

CV Joints & Driveshafts

Ever heard a click or pop from the front of your car? This might mean your CV joints needs replacement. These are called constant velocity joints, they allow your transmission to transfer torque to the wheels and provide a smooth ride with a full range of motion. A CV joint will need replacement if the rubber boot breaks and allows for a leak. Grease will leak out and moisture, dirt or grime will enter the joints to wear them down. Bring your vehicle to Dickson & Fraser for a detailed inspection of your vehicles CV Joints and Driveshaft.

Fleet services & ARI Insurance

When you operate a fleet you need to depend on them and you can’t afford down time. We understand how critical this is for you. When you come to Dickson & Fraser you can rest assured that your fleet is being maintained and ready to perform for your business.

Regular fleet maintenance can keep your service vehicles operating in good condition so they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer. Taking care of your fleet is integral to managing a productive business. We can help keep your fleet on the road through a regular maintenance schedule. This will help reduce unplanned downtime, lost wages and delays for your customers. We also work closely with ARI insurance for all your fleet vehicle needs.

Why Dickson & Fraser

Since 1957, Dickson & Fraser has been built on the foundation of customer satisfaction, community spirit, and high-quality professional services. We believe in giving back and supporting the community that we owe our success to. We strive to continue to exceed our customer’s expectations and develop meaningful relationships throughout the Cowichan Valley.

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We are a part of Isherwood Auto Group. Head to 'Tow' vehicle service.

Dickson & Fraser is a locally-owned auto repair shop built on trust and the relationships we have with our community. We might be old-fashioned but we believe in fair pricing with honest, friendly service.

We are here to assist our community with any auto mechanical repair needs. Visit us at our shop, give us a call or send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can during regular business hours.